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Paul Revere Lobster Copper Oval Ring Dish

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Paul Revere rode through the countryside on a lobster? 

I read about this so-called legend on a poster someone created years ago. I don't know if this is a thing or how it became a thing, but I knew one thing:

I had to have this design. It's a fun combination of the famous statue of Paul Revere and a lobster. Living in New England, how could I not?

How could you not? I've only made one of these dishes so far, and am not sure when I'll make more.

Use these versatile bowls for:

  • Rings
  • Jewelry
  • Guest Soaps
  • Loose Change
  • Hair Accessories
  • Keys
  • Small Items
  • Paperclips and Rubber Bands
  • Wrapped Candy
  • Small Love Notes
  • Decor

This dish is created in several steps. First the Revere and lobster design are pressed into a copper sheet. Next, the design is cut out and finished. Then the design is soldered to a larger oval copper sheet. The sheet is then formed into a dish shape, and this piece is oxidized to enhance the details.  

This handmade dish is 2" x 3" and about 1/8" deep.

The copper is oxidized to enhance the details. Please note that oxidized copper is not food safe, so please do not place edible items in this dish.

I have one of these dishes in stock and ready to ship.