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Our Choice Sterling Silver Pendant

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Reproductive rights are under attack in the US. I am creating jewelry and accessories with themes and messages about the preservation of our rights. 

The OUR CHOICE pendant is die cast from a thick bar of sterling silver. Choose from two styles - plain or with a vintage-style vagina accent. 

When you purchase anything from the OUR CHOICE collection, I will donate 25% of your total purchase (as in everything you buy today, not just the pendant) to an abortion fund. Abortion funds raise money and donate that money directly to people who need financial assistance to get an abortion. The funds can cover procedures, travel, and other related expenses. These organizations are boots on the ground, and many of them are staffed by volunteers.

The first fund that I have selected is The Justice through Empowerment Network in South Dakota.

The master die for this design was created in the late 1800's and was probably designed as a voting pin. The slogan is as appropriate for the fight we face today as it was back then.

Choose from an 18 inch sterling silver chain or a 20 inch brown leather chain.