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Damele Turquoise Triangles Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet

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What Makes This Piece Special?

Every bit of this cuff is angles - the triangle shape of the stones and settings, and the diamond-pattern texture on the bracelet. The three stones are set in opposing directions with the center stone slightly off so that the three stones are visually balanced on your wrist.

Damele turquoise comes from a small mine in Nevada. Damele is unusual because it is green, and has a fine spiderweb-type pattern called a ‘webbed matrix’. Coming from a small mine means that it’s a rare turquoise, and it is increasing difficult to find good-quality stones - this trio is the last from a small collection that I acquired almost 20 years ago.

The Technical Details

You are purchasing the cuff bracelet shown in the pictures.

Each triangle is about 5/8 inch on side, the total width of the three settings is just under 2-1/4 inches. The bracelet is around 6 inches long, fitting an average wrist.


Return Policy

I love everything that I make, and I want you to love it, too, so I do accept returns. Click the link above for details about my return policy.