Colorful Heart Sterling Silver Pendant

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These colorful heart design pendants come in a wide variety of colors. For Valentines Day, Mother's Day, anniversary, birthday, or any time you want to say "I Love You".

The pendant is made of two layers of metal. The top layer is sterling silver with a hand-pierced heart design. The bottom layer is aluminum that is anodized in an assortment of colors.

Choose from a modern or traditional style heart:

- "Modern" is the purple and turquoise pendant in the first picture, also shown in the third picture.
- "Traditional" is the large lavender pendant in the first picture, also shown in the fourth picture.

Choose traditional pink and red or over a dozen other colors as shown in the last photo.

Each sterling silver heart silhouette is hand pierced in a 3/4 inch sterling silver disc that is then backed with a colorful metal disc. Comes with 18" sterling silver chain.