About Hennessey Jewelry

I make jewelry and accessories to celebrate the favorite parts of your story

  • Your favorite hobby
  • Your favorite color
  • Your favorite vacation
  • Your favorite person
  • Your favorite...

Do you love the Ocean? Me, too!

    • Do you love gazing at the ocean, whether from the shore or from the deck of a ship?
    • Is your social media packed with whales and dolphins and cool sea creatures (octopus are the coolest, right?)
    • Have you ever brought a sea shell home from the beach?

    I create ocean themed collections for people like me whose story includes oceans and sea life.








     Do you love Flowers and Wildlife? Ditto!

    • Do you enjoy an afternoon in the garden (except maybe the weeding part)?
    • Taking in the blooms of brilliant flowers, and the leaves as they change from fresh green in the spring to brilliant colors in the fall?
    • Do you stop to watch wildlife graze or hummingbirds in flight?

      I design nature inspired pieces for people like me whose story includes plants and critters.



      Do you love the Night Sky? Agreed!

      • Do you want to spend all night outside, somewhere far from town, watching meteors sail across the sky (perhaps less so if it’s really, really cold)?
      • Are you fascinated by images from space telescopes?
      • Do you know the significance of July 20, 1969? 

      I craft celestial inspired designs for people like me whose story includes a love of all the *waves hands wildly upward* stuff out there .



      Do you love Texture and Color? Likewise!

      • Do you want to touch (almost) anything that looks like it has a texture - even the stuff with a “do not touch” sign?
      • Do you have a signature color?
      • Are you amazed by the incredible designs found in agates and jaspers (aka “rocks”)? 

      I utilize texture and source some pretty amazing stones for people like me who love color and texture.



      Here’s the "how it started and how it's going" part of my story:

      • A restless 40-something woman living just outside of San Francisco wanders in to a jewelry making class at a community college, falls in love, and keeps taking the class for about 10 years. She also develops a deep love for a well-cut cabochon*
      • A mid-50’s woman grows restless (again). Yearning for real seasons and snow and stuff, she moves to Portland, Maine. She buys a house, plants a garden, gets season tickets for the local baseball team (Go Sea Dogs!), and doesn’t eat nearly as much lobster as people from other parts thinks she would (gotta keep it special).


      I'm Michele Hennessey, owner of Hennessey Jewelry. I do everything - from sourcing raw materials to shipping finished pieces. I’m a queer woman in her 60’s who loves all the stuff I talked about at the top of this ridiculously long bit.

       Progress Pride Flag


      I create cuff bracelets, pendants, earrings, hair forks, brooches, and the occasional ring for jewelry lovers.

      I create keychains, money clips, and trinket dishes for everyone.

      I use sterling silver, fine silver, copper, and bronze.


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      * A cabochon is a gemstone, jasper, agate, etc. that has a smooth, domed, polished surface.