Clam Shell Bowl Sterling Silver Hair Fork

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What Makes This Piece Special?

The special in this hair fork is roundness and balance. Almost nothing on this piece is flat or straight.

The roundness starts in the center with a sterling clam shell inside of a hammer-raised copper bowl. The bowl is attached to a gently curved sterling silver fork.

Then there's the balance. The silver clam shell is centered in the copper bowl for an overall visual balance. The forks are set slightly wider than the silver clam, again providing a visual balance.

The overall weight is also balanced. The center of gravity is about a half inch below the bottom of the copper bowl, so when you wear this hair fork the weight of the bowl shouldn't pull toward or away from your head, rather it should stay in place.


The Technical Details

You are purchasing the hair fork shown in the pictures.

The fork is heavy sterling silver wire. If you are familiar with wire gauges, it is 8 gauge. Though the silver is work-hardened, there's still a bit of play, so if you want to (very carefully!) adjust the curve a bit, you can do so.

The copper bowl is hammer-formed from a sheet of copper. It is 45 mm wide, which is about 1-3/4 inches.

The clam shell is pressed using a steel die and is made with sterling silver that I recycled in my studio.

The overall length is 6 inches. The usable length - from the bottom of the bowl to the tip of the forks - is 4 inches.

The tips of the forks are filed at an angle and then rounded smooth.

All of these measurements are approximate, within a couple of millimeters.

The copper is not treated, so you can either let it develop a beautiful copper patina, or you can keep it bright by cleaning it with ketchup and then rinsing with soap and water.


Return Policy

I love everything that I make, and I want you to love it, too. If you don't love it, just let me know within 30 days and then return it.