Apollo 11 Sterling Silver Pendant and Earrings

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What Makes The Apollo 11 Pieces Special?

On January 20th, 1969 the world watched as humans set foot on the moon for the first time. These richly detailed pieces commemorate the Apollo 11 mission and the Eagle landing.

The pendant shows an eagle landing on the moon, with earth in the background. One earring shows the lunar module docked to the service module, the other shows the lunar module - Eagle - resting on the surface of the moon.

The earrings and pendant are die struck in my studio. I've been told that the original die design is from a German company. 

The Technical Details

Your sterling silver pendant and earrings are made to order. They will look similar to the pieces in the pictures, but due to the nature of handmade they may be slightly different.

The pendant is 7/8 inches across. The earrings are just a bit under 3/4 inches across (11/16").

The pendant comes on an 18 inch sterling silver chain. The earrings have sterling silver ear wires.

 You can order just the earrings or pendant, or save $10 when you order both!

Please allow up to 2 weeks for your pieces to be made.

See a video of the Apollo 11 Collection (clicking the link will open YouTube in a new window)


Return Policy

I love everything that I make, and I want you to love it, too, so I do accept returns. Click the link above for details about my return policy.