Deep Lines Hair Fork

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This hair fork is your every day go-to for bun type hairstyles. The deep V grooves add a bit of design detail and add can help with hold (I have fine hair and find that, for me, these hold better than straight wire). Three metal choices give you a variety of colors to compliment your hair or outfit.

Because each hair fork is made by hand from a solid length of straight wire, they can vary in size ever so slightly. The forks are about 1 inch wide, and available in 4 inch or 5 inch lengths. You won't get the hair pin shown in the picture, but it will be vary close to what you see here.

The hair forks shown are 5 inches (give or take a bit, all measures are approximate). The 4 inch style will have a few less V grooves. Both lengths are made flat, if you prefer curved hair forks just let me know and I'll curve yours before sending.

Choose from copper, nickel, or bronze. I use a sturdy 10 gauge wire.

The copper and bronze will both develop a patina and take on rich colors (my secret go-to for removing the patina is ketchup).

Made to order