Trying Something New

Posted by Michele Hennessey on

You'll be see something new on my product listings. When I created this web site, I basically just copied over everything from my Etsy shop. It's an efficient way to not have to re-invent the wheel, but that's about all.

The descriptions of my creations, though, are somewhat (very?) lacking. There are things that I see and feel in my designs, reasons why a metal is textured a certain way or how a piece feels when you hold it, there are stories behind some of the stones, like how some of them have only been found in one tiny place on this entire huge planet.

So, one piece at a time, I am re-writing everything. What you'll soon be seeing is 3 parts - What Makes This Piece Special?, The Technical Details, and Return Policy.

What Makes This Piece Special? has all of the stuff I'd be telling you if we were at an art fair and a piece caught your eye.

The Technical Details lists the materials and the dimensions, perhaps how to keep the copper bright (the answer is always ketchup).

The Return Policy is what to do if you don't love your purchase (the answer is that, in most cases, you can return it).

The first listing in this new format is the Clam Shell Hair Fork. This hair fork is all curves and balance, I'm totally loving the way it turned out! Check it out HERE